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2011Mission Trips



July 10 - 15th

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July 12 - 19th

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Report from Day 1:

This morning we arrived at church at 3.30 a.m.  Grace came to lead us in prayer and we followed by offering our own spoken out loud petitions.  Home missioners Chris Peck, Remy Jurenas, and Fran Walinsky were there on hand for moral support and help in transportation.  After a few flight delays we arrived in Honduras an hour and a half late, but happy to be here and with all our luggage intact - including the valued medicines for Dr. Tony's clinic.
Day 1 in a word:
Gail - Glorious!  So exciting to see my God daughters after such a long time and to meet my new Grand God Daughter - Gail.
Bari - Exhilarating.  Just the excitement of seeing the girls and that special feeling I got when 5-year-old Heidi came and gave me a big hug.
Erika - Colorful.  I was struck by the explosion of color I saw from the windows of the bus on the ride into town. The richness of colors was echoed in the beautiful dresses of the little girls - Erika
David and Jo - Home - Delighted When we landed, we noticed the joy on the faces of the Hondurans who were returning home  - no, seriously, it wasn't just that the long flight was over! - And we, in turn, got that same feeling of delight when we arrived here at our second home.
Larry - Warmth - Conversations started up right where we had left off, no matter how long we have been away.
Jim - Relaxing - I just felt relaxed and happy.
- Jo Hodgin

Day 2:

Today was our first full day and we worked and had fun. ( That's what we do best) We did some arts and crafts with little roses. We brought down 45 baseball caps hats and the girls got to decorate them. I feel like all the girls have embraced us and are happy we continue to come back; so thank you for supporting us every year St. Albans! In the afternoon we saw cars 2 and really enjoyed it. As an advanced spanish speaker i would like to say i am proud of my group members, they understood the movie!
Quidarnos y hasta manana!
Take care and talk to you tomorrow

-David Allison


 Day 3:

Marie Cruz has been helping Duva with homework..Marie Cruz is graduating in November, and Duva is a younger girl that has come to the home with a slower start to her education..touching for our team to watch.
A photo will reveal that our men took seats in a covered sidewalk area to enjoy coffee, while our women took the opportunity to shop.
Jim, our new friend Jim..is a world travelled pilot, retired and visiting OLR once a month, reminds us that people are people the world over..
We have been noticing the laughing, giggling, and happy sounds within the walls of the compound in which the Roses live..we would like to think they enjoy our presence to the max..we really think they have found a happy place for the time being, and we enjoy sharing with them.

- Larry Hodgin


Day 4:

Today we took 12 girls for an outing to an amusement park/zoo.  It was a day of fun and at the same time being confronted with the contradictions of Honduras, seeing the types of places the girls come from, and the challenges they and the people of Honduras face.  The trip was a two hour drive each way first passing through San Pedro Sula and seeing almost every American fast food chain, a shopping center and a then few minutes later a crowded bus terminal with buses most of us would be afraid to ride.  On the road there are buses filled to capacity and the odd tour bus.

We passed by factories surrounded by shanties, rural communities, and upper class gated communities. The scenery was spectacular and at the park it was a day of fun at the pool, walking through the zoo, and riding go karts.

As we reflect tonight we are challenged with the contradictions of the day but are filled with the satisfaction of knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of young women who have been given a chance in life.

- Jim Curren