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Concert Series

The Muldoon Memorial Concert Series was established in 1990 by the Muldoon family in memory of wife and mother Hulda, who was a long-time participant in the music ministries of St. Alban's. After the death of Hulda's husband Ken, the name of the concert series was changed from the Hulda Muldoon Memorial Concert Series to the Muldoon Memorial Concert Series to honor both Hulda and Ken.

The Muldoon Memorial Concert Fund was established as an endowment with the expectation that at some point the series would become self-sustaining. To promote that goal, each year the St. Alban's Concert Guild solicits donations to fund the series and enlarge the endowment.

All money given by an individual, family or company up to $100 goes to fund the concerts. Monies given above $100 go to the endowment fund. For example, if your gift is $150, $100 of that donation goes to fund the current series and the remaining $50 goes into the endowment fund.

The categories for supporting the concert series are:
Endowment Partners......... $101 and above
Patrons............................... $76-$100
Sponsors............................ $51-$75

Friends............................... $25-$50

If you wish to support the concert series with a fully tax deductible donation, please make your check payable to St. Alban's Episcopal Church and mark "Concert Fund" on the memo line. Also, please include a note with your name as you wish it to be listed in the programs.




SEPTEMBER 9th at 4:00 PM

 Chuck Seipp and Randal Sheets (Trumpet and Organ)

We kick off the season early this year with an exciting program of organ and trumpet by Randy Sheets and Chuck Seipp, two veterans of St. Alban's venue.  Their wide-ranging program will cover works from the 17th through 20th centuries, European and American, to include Handel, Vivaldi, Schumann, Mussorgsky, Widor, Snedecor, and Stephenson. Please join us at 4:00 on Sept. 9th, and plan to stay for refreshments and conversation with the  performers.



OCTOBER 7th at 4:00 PM

       HUB NEW MUSIC - http://www.hubnewmusic.org/


NOVEMBER 11th – 4:00 PM - Cristian Perez Chamber Ensemble

Spend a late afternoon with the calming sounds of this quartet's unusual instrumentation: guitar, cello, violin, and flute, plus complementary percussion instruments (such as dun dun drum, windchimes, woodblocks, shakers, rainstick). From the familiar "Moon River" and "Shenandoah" to the unfamiliar but equally evocative "Han River" (by Perez), their music conjures up familiar places and a reflective mood. The ensemble not only combines musicians of different backgrounds (classical, Bulgarian folk, Jazz, Tango, Bluegrass, Latin-American), but also attempts to send a message of unity despite all our differences. The concert is Sunday, Nov 11th, at 4 p.m. Please stay to enjoy light refreshments and conversation.






December 9th - 4:00 PM 

       Karen Weinberg’s Celebration Singers 


March 24 2019 – 4:00 PM 

       Dr. Mickey Thomas Terry – Organ 


As in the past, this year’s performances will represent  a variety of musical genres. You are warmly invited to attend these concerts and enjoy an informal reception afterward in which you can meet with the performers. We are grateful for your past support for the Concert Series and welcome your continued support for the upcoming year.