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Laylor Library is the church circulating library for parishioners and staff. It concentrates on religious books, but this is broadly defined, and includes biography, fiction, and reference books. It is named for Leon Laylor, our first permanent priest.

 For those new to the parish, you can find the library on the left across the hall from the parish office and workroom after you go up the steps leading from the narthex to the second level.

 Everything you need to check out a book is on the small bookcase at the entrance to the left of the door. Instructions are posted above the bookcase. After you fill out the charge-out card located in the book pocket at the back of a book, you put the card in the cardboard box on a bookcase opposite the door near the windows.

Return books by putting them in the bookcase itself.

Stay tuned to The Word and to our half of the Christian Formation bulletin board (across the hall from the library) for new books. Shelves for new books are to the right of the door as you enter, and shelves for magazines are to the left.