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Communications Committee


The Communications Committee is dedicated to improving the communications between the clergy, staff, congregation, and community of St. Alban's.  Our job is to help identify new and better ways to advertise the various services, activities, and events at our church.  To accomplish this, we rely on dedicated volunteers with the talents, creativity, and knowledge to take advantage of all available opportunities for sharing information.


Our committee is available to offer suggestions, guidance, and manpower (whenever possible) to meet the communications needs of St. Alban's.  We are blessed to have very talented people on our committee, with experience in professional writing and publishing, graphics design and layout, and website development.  We offer all of these skills to our church, as our gift of time and talent to our fellow parishioners.
Some of the ways we can help are:
   * Making posters for parish events
   * Posting announcements on the website
   * Helping to write or offering suggestions for advertisements
   * Identifying advertising resources in the community

To request assistance from the Communications Committee, click here.


Based on our observations of the best ways to utilize the resources at St. Alban's, we have several recommendations for our fellow committees:
·         Maintaining committee rosters:  The church's database can also hold information regarding committee rosters.  Each committee should maintain an active roster of members.  As new members join and old members move on, these changes should be sent to the office administrator to update the database.
·         Communicating within a committee:  These days, email has become the primary means of interacting with each other.  In addition, committees generally produce files and documents to share amongst committee members.  We recommend the use of websites like http://groups.yahoo.com for consolidating the emailing and sharing of files in one place.  Yahoo groups act as both a listserv (bulk emails to committee members) plus a source for file sharing.  In particular, we recommend the posting of meeting agendas and minutes, along with any other important documents, on the group's website to facilitate centralized storage and access for committee information.
·         Requesting parishioner information:  St. Alban's maintains a database of parishioner information (the ACS).  Information can be requested from the office administrator.  When making a request, be certain to identify the explicit information that you require, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.  Also, it is important to specify whether you want information for "active members only", as there are many people in our database who are no longer active.
·         Multi-committee meetings:  The Communications Committee strongly believes that the sharing of information and ideas is essential for inspiring creativity and generating new opportunities.  To this end, we suggest that the chairs of the all committees get together from time to time to share ideas and plan coordinated activities.  The Communications Committee will be contacting committee chairs in the near future to discuss this further, and to begin coordinating for such a meeting.
·         St. Alban's website: St. Alban's website is a critical ingredient in how our church shares information with its parish.  The website is constantly being updated to contain the latest information regarding activities and important announcements.  The website should be looked at as a resource for individual committees as well.  Each committee can have their own page on the website, if desired.  The content of these pages is the responsibility of each committee to review and keep current.  Any changes to the committee pages should be sent to the site's webmaster, who will ensure the changes get made.  The Communications Committee will be contacting committee chairs in the near future to discuss these pages, to determine which committees want pages and who will be responsible for their content.