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Pastoral Care

  HOLY BAPTISM - Baptism occurs in the context of Sunday morning worship.    Candidates, parents, and sponsors attend a session with the clergy prior to the Baptism. Before selecting sponsors, you may wish to consult with the clergy for some helpful suggestions.

  WEDDINGS - Canon law requires that persons intending to be married contact the Rector/Assistant Rector at least 30 days before the intended date of the service (6 months to a year is better). Arrangements for pre-marital preparation and details of the service can be determined in consultation with the Rector/Assistant Rector. At least one of the principals in the marriage must be a baptized Christian. Re-marriage after divorce is possible, but permission must be obtained from the Bishop. No plans should be made for a wedding until the Rector/Assistant Rector is consulted.

 FUNERALS - The life and death of a Christian person is offered to God by the Burial office or a Requiem Eucharist in the Church followed by the service of Committal at the grave site. When a death occurs, call the Rector at once! We are ready at all times to offer pastoral support and prayers as well as advice about details of the funeral. For those who have been cremated, arrangements can be made for burial in St. Alban's Memorial Grove.

 COUNSELING - Individual or family counseling on personal or religious concerns is available by appointment with the Rector or Assistant Rector.  Private Sacramental Confession is offered at any time by appointment. All pastoral counseling ministry is held in the strictest confidence.

 HOSPITAL MINISTRY - When a member of the parish is ill or hospitalized, please notify the clergy or the parish secretary as quickly as possible. The Rector and Assistant Rector are prepared to make visits and to offer the healing ministry of the Church. Also, if you know of someone in the hospital, please contact the clergy or call the parish office.

  PRAYER LIST - To place a name on the prayer list or to request that a name be retained, please contact the parish office. Please include your name as well as the name of the person for whom the prayers are requested. The person's name will be printed in the service bulletin and that list will be referred to during the congregation's Prayers of the People. We ask that you keep the office periodically updated so that we can keep the list to a minimum.