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Altar Guild

The St. Alban's Altar Guild is a dedicated group who are called to serve God by preparing and tending to the place where we worship, before and after each service.  They work invisibly behind the scenes so that worshipers notice only that the scene before them is familiar and in order.   They set the Lord's Table for each Eucharist and change the Altar hangings for the seasons of the church year. They also purchase and care for vestments and all the Altar linens.  They are responsible for purchasing the bread and wine, candles, silver and all other elements used for worship.  In addition to the regular Sunday services, they oversee the settings and preparations for all of the Holy Week , Christmas and Christmas Eve services, as well as baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Altar Guild members prepare the necessary kits for Home Communion and for the Sleepy Hollow Nursing Home ministry.  The members are divided into four teams and they serve every four weeks for all services within their duty week.