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Vestry Contact List

In addition to their role as committee liaisons, each Vestry member is  also responsible for contacting a group of parishioners from time to time. Likewise, parishioners having a concern to be brought to the Vestry may do so through "their" Vestry person.


 VESTRY PERSON                             PARISHIONER NAME


Harris Andrew                                                          Achieng - Belanger

Nancy Calvert                                                           Billingslea - Clarke-Wiles

John Clements -                                                     Cleland-Hamnett - Delaney

Linda Cummings                                                   DePasquale - Gerdes

Debbie Haggard-Rosse                                      Gilbert - Howe

Nancy Harrell                                                          Howton - Keiper

Jim Kilby                                                                  Kelley - Martin, John

April Kreller                                                             Martin, Renee - Nassar

Steve Peck                                                              Ninde - Rutherford

Margaret Pendley                                                  Ryan - Smith, Karen

Cheryl Sinsabaugh                                              Smith, Patricia - Vogel

Rick Weinberg                                                      Wade-Conrod - Zuvekas