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2019 Vestry Elections

At the 2019 Annual Parish Meeting, all members of St. Alban's will be asked to vote for four candidates for Vestry.  The biographies and photos of our nominees are below:



Donna Archer

I was born in Washington, DC and moved to Alabama, and then California, at young ages because of my father’s career.  My earliest experience with the Episcopal Church was in Tuskegee, Alabama where my family and I attended St Andrew’s Episcopal Church.  It began as a missionary church and became one of the first all African American Episcopal churches to be consecrated in Alabama.

I moved back to Washington, DC in 1978 to attend medical school at Howard University.  I met and married my husband in Washington and started a family and a career in Pediatrics.

I came to St Alban’s Episcopal Church in 2009 after worshiping at a local Baptist Church for 10 years.  I made the change because I was unhappy where I was, and I remembered my wonderful childhood experience at St Andrew’s in Alabama.  I found needed comfort and fellowship at St Alban’s.  In 2011 I was confirmed and became a member of St Alban’s. 

Initially I was reluctant to become involved in church activities because I did not want “work” to substitute for “worship.”  As I became more grounded at St Alban’s I became involved in the work of the church.  I am currently an Altar Guild member, a Lay Eucharistic Minister, and a lector.  I have been the VBS pre-school teacher every summer since 2013 and in 2015 I was asked to be director of the Children’s Christian Education program. 

I would like to be a member of the St Alban’s Vestry because I think I can bring a perspective about the importance of children and youth participation in not only Sunday School, but in Sunday worship as well.  I can also bring a perspective about outreach to the diverse community of which St Alban’s is a part.





Ingrid Schwartz

My name is Ingrid Schwartz, family member of St Alban’s Episcopal Church since 1973.  I was born in Voikka, Finland in 1932 and baptized, confirmed, and married in the Lutheran Church.  As I grew up, Finland was at war with Russia, a very fierce war.  It was hard for children to go to school.  This passed, and I graduated from the University of Helsinki in Physical Science in 1954.  I was lucky to meet Andy, an American who had a Fulbright Scholarship to Finland.  We got married in 1956.

Andy had a position waiting for him at Sweet Briar College teaching political science for four years.  A father of one of his students recommended the Foreign Service to Andy.  By this time we already had a son Eric, born in 1958 and baptized in the Lutheran Church.  As a Foreign Service family we served in six countries: Costa Rica, The Philippines, Bolivia, the United States, Venezuela, and Guatemala.

In Costa Rica we found the Episcopal Church that Andy had loved in Boston where he went to college.  We became members, and our second son Michael, born in 1962, was baptized in the Episcopal Church of Costa Rica.  My duties here as in the other countries where we served always centered around entertaining foreign diplomats and representing our country in all our host countries.  Andy was always the American Cultural Attache.

In 1973 we came back to the USA and bought a home in Sleepy Hollow Woods.  We then became members of St Albans, and I became involved in installing “The New Kitchen.”  I think it is time I come back again, time for a NEW KITCHEN.

Languages:  Finish, Swedish, English, Spanish and German.





Doris Lewis

My name is Doris Lewis.  I was born in Boston and lived in the Boston area until 1979 when I moved to Northern Virginia.  I started to attend St Alban’s on a regular basis in April 2016.  I can usually be found at St Alban’s for the 8:15 service each Sunday.  I became a member of the parish last June.  I attend Eucharist with prayers of healing, followed by Bible study on Tuesdays.  I am currently on the Lay Committee for our Seminarian, Larry Civale, a member of Altar Guild IV, and a third-year student in EFM (Education of Ministry).  St Alban’s has become a second home.


Sue Mairena, CPA, CGMA

The Mairena’s started attending St Alban’s Episcopal Church in the Spring of 2011 and became members of the parish in the Spring of 2015.  For the past three years Sue and Doug Mairena have been the Organizational Representatives of St Alban’s for the Annandale Christian Community for Action (ACCA), and Sue sits on their Finance Committee.   We also participate in their furniture and food pantry campaigns.  Also, for the past three years Sue has co-chaired the St Alban’s Christmas Bazaar. 

Sue believes in the mission of the bazaar because the proceeds go towards the Outreach Programs that help people in need.  In 2017 Sue became the Treasurer of St Alban’s.  The Mairena’s reside in Falls Church and have two daughters, Jessica and Katie.




Mary Trice

Mary Trice has been around the St. Albans Parish since fall of 1995 and was soon-after received into the Episcopal church.  A native of Northern Virginia, she attended St. Agnes Episcopal School for girls for eleven long years back in the 1960’s (when tuition was a tiny fraction of what it is now). Within the St. Albans community, she has served on the Altar guild, the Outreach Committee, the Vestry, the communications committee,,bells, and the choir.  She did a short shift as the kitchen lady after long-time Saint Betty Elmore.

 Nowadays she is involved with the choir, is chief liaison for the church administrative software,  serves as a coffee host, works on the Laylor library software, and volunteers in the office. In the summer she likes to work in Vacation Bible school because they are so darn cute (at least for the first 45 minutes.

 But most of all she just likes to socialize. If you elect her to vestry, she will try to lighten up the meetings.




Jane Lesko

My name is Jane Lesko and my family and I have been attending St. Alban's since the fall of 2012.  I grew up in a small town outside Pittsburgh, PA where I attended St. Stephen's Episcopal Church.  My Mother was very active in the church and since I was always in tow, I too was very active and remained that way all the way through high school.  I moved to Northern Virginia in June of 1992 for a job as a contractor for the EPA that was a six-month position.  After a month, I was hired full time and after three months, I met my husband, David.   We were married in 1995 and then had three children, John, Jack and Julia - which many of you have seen around the church over the years - probably acolyting.  John (19) is off at college, Jack (17) is a junior and Julia (14) is a freshman in high school.  I am currently in my 22nd year as a contractor for the DoD.

 We attended a few churches in the area when the kids were little - the main church being John Calvin Presbyterian Church right down the road.  John attended VBS there one summer and fell in love with the church - so even though we knew nothing about the Presbyterian Church, David and I felt it was important that our children learn about God and why not attend a place where they were excited to go.  We were very happy there until the Pastor suddenly died.  After that, it was just not the same and we eventually stopped attending. 

 A few years later Julia asked us what Easter was and we knew that it was time to find a new church.  I had always wanted to see what St. Alban's was like so we checked it out and the rest is history.  Since being at St. Alban's, I have taken on many roles.  I am currently in charge of the acolytes - I secretly change out their robes - what seems like every month - when they start growing like weeds.  I have served as a lector and intercessor and have practiced what I preached by being an acolyte.  Recently, I have signed on as an usher - still learning the ropes on that one.  I have also joined the Altar Guild - go Team III.  I also help with fun stuff like the Children's Shop at the Bazaar where I am the official present wrapper and host coffee hour every other month or so - usually with the Leersnyder/Lesko/Wettstein trio.

 I am running for a position on the Vestry because I think each church should have a vestry/council based on the whole make-up of the church.  I think all ages should be represented and I think I can serve as part of that 'middle aged' make-up.  I also feel that maybe this is the next path that God wants me to take - if so, he sure has had many people helping him drop hints!  Thank you for your consideration.







 Evangeline Clarke Wiles

My name is Evangeline Clarke Wiles, I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.

I came to the United States in 1972, attended Chicago Academy High School, and graduated in 1974.  A graduate of Strayer University in Washington, D.C., I studied Business Administration.

I am married to Mr. Zinnah Wiles, and we both are members of St. Alban's Episcopal Church.  We came to St. Alban's in 1996.  We have three children and one adopted daughter.

I want to be on the Vestry of St. Alban's because St. Alban's is the church that I love so much, the people are very prayerful, very friendly, loving and affectionate.

I found this church one Saturday afternoon when looking for an Episcopal church for worship, while I was driving on Columbia Pike.

In 2001, my husband and I were in a car accident, and the members of this church kept us in prayer.  They came by to see us and brought us food, and built us a ramp because both of my ankles were broken.  I still have health problems that are in prayer.

Thanks for all of your prayers.  I look forward in serving on the Vestry.